Italy & France Travel PlanningDestinations – Italy & France

My husband and I were planning our honeymoon trip in September this year. We only had 2 weeks to travel and 6 cities in France and Italy we wanted to visit. There was no room for a mistake – every stop and every meal counted. Lexi was such a great help to us!! She saved us a ton of time on research, recommending the best areas to stay in each city, how to get around in Europe (it can be very different depending on where you’re going), all the restaurants Lexi recommended were amazing, and she got us some exclusive deals on the hotels we were staying at! Most importantly, Lexi was very nice and easy to do deal with – always there if we had any issues, providing support when we were already in Europe and answering all of our questions, even the most ridiculous ones :)) We’ve never used a travel service before, but we felt very confident about everything that had been planned for us, which allowed us to relax and enjoy our honeymoon, without having to worry about the technicalities. When planning a trip, I would typically rely on reviews on search engines. But it’s not always accurate and I’ve had cases where I was disappointed by places that were highly rated. It was nice to have someone truly knowledgeable in helping us plan our vacation. A lot of times making a reservation at a restaurant or calling a hotel can be a problem when you’re on a different time zone (or don’t speak the language), that’s where a travel planner comes in super handy. And of course the exclusive deals they might have with local businesses.

– Ksenia Shpak, Los Angeles, CA

Italy Custom Travel PlanningDestinations – Rome & Amalfi Coast

Going to a new place, it can be a challenge to find fun, but not too touristy things to do, and guessing what restaurants to go to can leave you disappointed with your dinner experience. Lexi just planned a trip to Italy for me and three other girlfriends. Everything was perfect! We never had to figure out what we were doing that day, everything was planned ahead of time. Every restaurant was amazing, never a bad meal. Some highlights were a rooftop cooking class in Rome, a visit to a family winery on our way to the Amalfi Coast, a private boating outing, and much more. After having our entire trip planned out for us, and having everything be so perfect, I would love for Lexi to plan all my trips going forward.

– Julie Purchase, Seattle, WA

Greece travel planning

Destinations – Greek Isles

Lexi helped my husband and I plan our trip to Greece in the fall. This is a trip my husband and I have been talking about taking for two years and finally decided to go for it. At first, I was very anxious with so many options to choose from. We knew we wanted to go to a few of the different islands but didn’t know the best time of year to go, where to stay or eat, or what to do for activities. This is where Lexi comes in as a true lifesaver. Lexi essentially held our hand through the planning process. Lexi really listened to our wants and needs and made sure she understood exactly where and what it was we wanted to see and accomplish on our trip. After I told Lexi a brief overview of what we were thinking for our trip, within an hour, she emailed me with an incredibly thorough list of different islands (and pros and cons!) hotels, restaurants, activities, beaches, and shopping! Lexi also gave me the rundown on the ferry system and told me logistically the best route to “island-hop,” making the best use of our time. This in itself could have potentially saved us hours of extra (and unnecessary) travel.  Lexi also recommended two additional islands which we didn’t know about and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience and enjoy if she hadn’t recommended them! We are so happy that she did!! From start to finish, Lexi did a seamless job and we will absolutely use her for every single one of our trips moving forward. We appreciate her authenticity and passion for the work she does! It is evident that Lexi is passionate about the work she does and takes enormous pride in making sure that she gives her clients the very best experience/trip possible.

– Mary Colleen Underwood, Newport Beach, CA

Amalfi Coast travel planningDestinations – Rome & Amalfi Coast

There is no better vacation than being able to relax and enjoy the experience that a travel expert has created. I have traveled a lot but leaving the planning to someone with insight into the best places, unique activities, and awesome restaurants and local shops has taken it to a new level. The details were not overlooked and perfect. Taking away the stress of planning a trip not even half as good as with The Destination Designer…priceless! The trip was customized to our group and perfectly orchestrated. I am looking forward to the next trip planned by Lexi.

– Tracy Smith, Seattle, WA

Rome & Positano travel planningDestinations – Rome & Amalfi Coast

Lexi recently planned a trip to Italy for me and some friends. She took care of every detail. All we had to do was figure out what to have for dinner and what kind of wine to drink. She booked a cooking class, wine tour, boat ride, walking tours, transportation to and from Positano. It was a fabulous vacation. I would highly recommend Lexi!! I will definitely use Lexi for future travel.

– Sheryl Kennedy, Seattle, WA

custom travel planner reviewDestinations – Rome & Tuscany

We wanted a unique experience with a local perspective. I loved the hotel, restaurant and bar recommendations. It took away the task of researching in the moment. It was an overall great experience, thank you! You nailed the hotels. We would go back to both. We LOVED the cooking class. We really appreciate you and would highly recommend your services!

– Danielle Brewster, Tulsa, OK

Italy custom travel planningDestinations – Puglia & Rome

The Destination Designer, particularly founder Lexi Doerfler, recently planned a wonderful Italian holiday for myself and a group of friends. We are a well-traveled group, but given that Puglia was a new destination for us, we sought out Lexi’s expertise. She took care of everything and it was refreshing to have the guesswork taken out of the travel planning process. Lexi is extremely organized and accessible. She also made sure that our trip was customized precisely to our wants and needs. Most importantly, with Lexi’s guidance and recommendations, we stayed at the most beautiful properties in Puglia, dined at delicious, local restaurants and experienced fantastic excursions such as a cooking class, vineyard tours/wine tastings, and a day trip on a luxury private boat. Planning a trip with Lexi means that nothing is out of reach. We are so impressed with The Destination Designer that we are already planning our next trip with Lexi in the Fall. Thanks, Lexi for organizing such an amazing vacation!

– Elizabeth Leighton, New York, NY

Lexi planned an amazing trip to Puglia! Everything was perfect- from the itinerary to the hotels, to her restaurant recommendations! Already looking forward to the next trip she is setting up in Tuscany! You won’t be disappointed and you couldn’t plan a better trip yourself!

– Lauren Silver, New York, NY

custom travel planning

Destinations – Rome, Venice, Florence & Amalfi Coast

We just spent a month in Italy and Lexi planned the entire trip for our family of four. It was the trip of a lifetime and everything we did was perfect. We had a chance to see some of the most beautiful places thanks to her recommendations. She was incredibly helpful and made the entire trip stress free for us. She was literally available 24-hours for any help or troubleshooting. She is a fantastic resource and will definitely use her again!

– Kara Tyler, Seattle, WA

custom travel planning BaliDestinations – Tokyo, Bangkok & Bali

I recently returned from a two-week-long girl’s trip that covered Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Needless to say, it was the vacation of a lifetime! With big thanks to ‘The Destination Designer’, we were able to cover all of the main tourist spots, while still having ample time to explore the more intimate, local experiences and really immerse ourselves in the culture. Previously, I would have thought it impossible to pack four destinations into two weeks, but Lexi was thorough and responsive to our every request -making our trip seamless and spontaneous all in one! We left Asia with our bellies and hearts full. You will not find efficiency, expertise, or attentiveness of this caliber anywhere but ‘The Destination Designer.’ I can’t wait to book my next trip!

– Myriah Spidalieri, Ontario, CA

We had the most AMAZING trip to Asia, and it was all thanks to Lexi! She took care of everything and made our vacation, actually a vacation!

– Teagan Tullio, Ontario, CA

italy travel planningDestinations – Positano & Tuscany

Lexi helped me plan an international trip to Italy with my husband. What sets her apart from others is Lexi is available 24/7 for ALL questions. She had great recommendations and helped us secure reservations at top of the line restaurants. She helps with transfers, hotel reservations, restaurants, wineries, renting boats etc. – everything you can think of. It was the trip of a lifetime, we are definitely going back!

– Angelina Lawton, Minneapolis, MN

puglia travel planningDestinations – Rome & Puglia

Lexi helped set up my trip with my husband to Puglia, Italy which included 3 different towns in the region. Using Lexi to help plan the trip was a MUST and highly recommend anyone to use her!! It made the entire trip so seamless and perfect, we would not have figured out all of the best places to stay/eat/drink/visit without her.

Since the first call to discuss the trip she was straight forward on the process and gave so many ideas and recommendations to pin down how much time and places could be visited in the time available. I was able to meet her in person before the trip which got me so excited for everything she had planned for us, with this she was always available for a call. She set up everything for us from finding our flight, hotels, reservations, etc. This was the first trip where I did not have to research etc and spend tons of time getting everything together it was so nice to just have everything ready for us, even all of our documents. The week before the trip I’m usually doing so many last minute things for a trip and this time I did not have to with her help!!

As for the places we stayed, ate/drank at and activities she booked, AMAZING!! From the coconut mojitos, boat excursion, Masseria for wine tasting, and fantastic dinners she was on point with allllll of it!! This was such a different vacation that my husband and I do but was so perfect thanks to Lexi! I could go on and on about all the fantastic hotels/food/activities she planned for us, so with that being said just book Lexi no questions asked you won’t regret it!!!

Thank you, Lexi, for everything and we can’t wait to have you help with our next trip!

– Morgan Bartosz, Chicago, IL

travel planning reviewDestinations – Rome, Porto Ercole, Parma, Franciacorta & Lake Maggiore

Thank you so much for organizing our wonderful trip to Italy! It was nice getting off the beaten track and experiencing some new areas that I have not been before.

– Angela Rosen, Seattle, WA

I experienced the best vacation of my life due to the Destination Designer! Lexi took care of everything for me. She booked my flight, my hotels and then before I left she had everything in a folder with copies of my flights, hotel reservations and also an itinerary. It made it completely stress-free for me. The trip was seamless and everything was perfection. She checked in via text to let me know that she would be checking me in for each flight. I will never organize another trip for myself. She’s worth every penny!!

– Jennifer Hyde, Seattle, WA

puglia travel planningDestinations – Rome & Puglia

We had a great time. Our favorite town was Monopoli. All of your restaurants were terrific and, of course, the rooftop bar above Piazza Navona was awesome. We watched the sunset and the full moon rise from there. The drivers in Puglia were great, as was the boat trip at S Maria di Leuca. And the afternoon at the winery was excellent. We invited our driver, Angelo, to join us for lunch and tour there as he was a hoot. The hotel in Rome was perfectly located – everyone at the front desk knows you. In fact, we felt like “Lexi” was the magic word to make anything happen!

– Steve Adler, Seattle, WA