Theft is one of the main concerns that travelers have, and for a good reason. On a daily basis, roughly 400,000 pickpocket incidences occur. Tourists are typically easy prey for thieves who rely on distracted or out of their element travelers to steal from. For this reason, I always advise my travel planning clients to stay attentive, avoid illegitimate street vendors, use handbags with zippers and to keep them close by, and to avoid putting any valuables or phones in pockets.

As we are now a part of a high technology era, theft doesn’t always have to be of a physical item. But rather, it can be of electronic information. Many of the credit cards, passports and ID cards that we carry utilize RFID (radio-frequency ID) chips. Of course, this is uber convenient, for Tap to Go and Contactless card payments. However, this same technology can also be used in a phenomenon known as “RFID Skimming.”

“RFID Skimming” is a form of theft that takes advantage of the same wireless transmission of information by simply using an RFID reader to steal your information. Most of the time, without your knowledge.

I don’t say all of this to scare you. Most of the time when I or any of my clients travel, theft is never an issue. But being aware and prepared also helps with avoiding many of these issues. Because, as we all know, getting your iPhone or credit card stolen on a trip will really throw a damper on things.

For this reason, I highly recommend anyone traveling or living in a metropolitan area, to start using RFID blocking accessories. It’s really a no brainer. Baggallini has a plethora of RFID blocking accessories, many of which actually are included with most of their backpacks and travel bags.

At the moment, I am totally obssesed to this RFID Bryant Pouch. It is the ideal, multitasker accessories, which is everything that I look for in a travel accessory. I can use this as my wallet, passport holder and iPhone case all in one. It’s also big enough that I can throw it in my oversized carry on bag and still be able to find it when I need to. Baggallini’s accessories are so smart in that they really think of everything that could potentially go wrong while traveling and help to prevent just that. For example, the fabric is water-resistant, to protect electronics and documents from water damage. The interior has 5 cardholders for easy organization. And the pouch itself is uber lightweight and can easily convert into a small crossbody bag.

rfid travel bags

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