Italy may be home to some of the Mediterranean’s best beach destinations. Which is why millions of tourists flock to the iconic peninsula for a summer escape every year. From the cliffside towns of the Amalfi Coast, dreamy resorts in Sicily, to chic beach clubs along Tuscany’s Versilia Coast. Similar to the Italian Summer City Style Packing Guide, Italian fashion tends to lean more towards style rather than function. What this means for what to pack for summer in Italy is that you can leave your overly casual attire at home.

During summertime in Italy, you will most definitely find locals sporting their best resort wear pieces. No amount of kicked up sand, salt water, and sunscreen deter Italians from exuding the summer’s newest trends. So in order to gain the full, Italian beach resort experience, I highly recommend looking the part. If you don’t consider yourself the most fashionable person, try not to feel intimidated, but rather see it as a cultural immersion challenge, and better yet, an excuse to go shopping.

Italian Beaches & Resorts Style Guide

Sandals – Beach appropriate footwear is typically a comfortable and chic sandal. I have included a pair of flip flops in the shop reel, though keep in mind, wearing them beyond the beach is a major fashion violation in Italy.

Linen & Cotton Blend Pants & Shorts – Italy’s summer temperatures and humidity can really get up there, so loose fitting and breathable fabrics are your best bet. Not to mention, they look far more stylish and in line with Italian style than cut off denim.

Oversized Sun Hat – Not only are hats a great way to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but it also doubles as the perfect summertime accessory.

Beach Tote – For days at the beach club, you’re going to want to throw your towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and other accessories in an oversized tote. These are a few that can easily be paired with any outfit and can be laid flat or folded into a suitcase.

Stylish Sunglasses – This quintessential summer accessory is so important for styling up any look. So, have fun with your sunglasses selection and don’t be afraid of a bold or oversized look.

Linen & Cotton Blend Button Downs – This may be the ultimate summer piece, and is most definitely the most versatile. For a day at the beach, throw it over your bikini as a quick coverup. For evenings out, tie at the bottom or button it up and pair with a fun pant or skirt.

Chic Swim Coverups – Beach clubs in Italy are an all-day event. Most consist of rented day beds and beach chairs, as well as the beachside restaurant and bar. For lunch and beverage breaks, you’re going to want to slip into your stylish beach coverup.

Stylish Swimwear – When it comes to Italians and their swimwear, modesty is not necessarily the priority. It is not uncommon for women of all ages and body types to sport bikinis. If bikinis are not your thing, don’t fret, there are plenty of fashionable one-pieces that are Italian beach club appropriate.

Sun Protection & Beauty – A sunburn is that last look you’re aiming for on your Italian holiday. These are my absolute favorite non-toxic and easy to apply sunscreens. The Supergoop Antioxidant Sunscreen is my holy grail! It comes in a travel size and easily sprays on clear for non-greasy sun protection.

What to NOT Pack for Summer in Italy

Oversized T-Shirts – Casual, cotton t-shirts or tourist shop themed shirts are a typical giveaway for foreigners. For both men and women, opt for an equally comfortable cotton-linen blend button down to throw over your swimsuit.

Flip Flops beyond the Beach – I always pack my flip flops in my beach bag for their sheer convenience. But always lead with a more stylish sandal for daytime outings beyond the beach.

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