My favorite part about summer is being on or near the water. Something about cruising through open waters, diving off of a boat’s bow, and soaking up the sun is so exhilarating. Boating is always on my list of priorities during any summer vacation. And, most of my custom travel clients will also tell you that I highly encourage bot excursions as a part of any warm-weather itinerary.

Being prepared for a day out on the water is always the first priority. There are the obvious essentials, including sunscreen, stylish coverups, swimwear, and sunglasses. Most importantly though, is keeping of all these gadgets dry and secure. For this reason, I opt for a water-resistant and clear backpack or crossbody bag from Baggallini. Not only is this up to trend with summer 2019’s transparent bag fad, but it is so practical.

Baggallini’s new, clear event compliant bags are this summer’s travel must-have! For starters, both Baggallini’s Clear Backpack and Clear Pocket Crossbody go with literally everything. Making these accessories a no brainer when pairing with your variety of summer travel looks. Next, when out on the water, you don’t have to worry about getting your iPhone, GoPro or other electronics wet because of the bag’s sleek, water-resistant casing.

Finally, you can forget about digging around in your bag for that one lipgloss or tangled up phone charger. All of your summer boating outing essentials are perfectly visible to easily pluck out whenever you need. I love using the two water bottle pockets to store my sunscreens for super easy access. The front pocket for both my iPhone and lipgloss. And then pack the main compartment with the remaining accessories that I will need throughout the day.

What’s Inside my Clear Boat Outing Bag –

  • Supergoop Antioxidant Sunscreen
  • Ursa Major Face Shield Sunscreen
  • Diorshow Collagen Maximizer Lipgloss
  • Woven Visor
  • Cotton, Button Down Cover Up
  • GoPro Hero 7 Black
  • Portable Phone Charger

what to pack for a boat trip

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