One of the best travel decisions I have made this year is ditching my carry on shoulder bag for a padded strap backpack. Ladies, I know the oversized shoulder bag is uber cute, but black backpacks are totally in, and 100 times more comfortable and organized. Don’t cause any more strain on your neck and shoulders than you have to, sleeping on an airplane already does enough of that. The biggest struggle was finding a backpack large enough to fit my computer, camera equipment, toiletries, and other in-flight essentials, while also being a stylish travel accessory.

I finally came across my answer with Baggallini’s Granada Backpack. The backpack is perfectly compartmentalized for travel with a padded laptop slot, a large section for camera and toiletry bag storage, two outer pockets for snacks and water, and a front zipper and pocket for lipsticks, makeup, and stationary. It’s truly a traveler’s dream when it comes to organizing all of your travel accessories and gadgets, and also making sure you have enough luggage space to keep your carry on travel essentials nearby in flightNot only this, but I love this all back look with silver hardware details, it’s so simple yet stylish.

best travel backpack

It came as no shock when I discovered that Baggallini’s line of travel bags is designed by a former flight attendant. Growing up with my mom being a flight attendant, travel has become an ingrained part of my life. Aside from the flight perks, my mom has provided me some amazing travel tips and tricks. When you travel for a living, staying organized and efficient are of the top priorities, and this backpack totally helps with all things travel organization. There is literally a place for everything in this bag. You not only know where everything is on your carry on, but you can actually fit quite a lot in the backpack, which is perfect for me and my loads of camera equipment, computer, makeup, and skincare products.


– Lightweight and water resistant nylon
– Detachable RFID-blocking wristlet inside for safe credit cards & passport storage
– Tons of pockets, zippers, and compartments for the ultimate travel organization
– Keeps me extremely organized, but is the perfect stylish, black backpack
– Backside strap to slide onto your suitcase handle for easy airport maneuvering
best travel backpack

**Note that this blog post is sponsored, though I am truly excited to share this product with you. I only recommend to my readers’ products or services that I would refer to a friend and that I would spend my own money on. Sometimes I have had to send back products to companies that seemed cute on the website, but I ended up not being happy with upon arrival, thus was not comfortable recommending them to a friend or my readers. Just know anything I write about or recommend is also something I am personally behind and believe in as well.

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