Italy is just one of those destinations that is always a good idea. Whether it’s wine tasting during harvest season, sprawling out on one of its’ impeccable beaches, or skiing your way through the Dolomites. The key here is to know what you are looking for in terms of your Italian getaway. Once you understand that, it’s easy to decide what month is the best time to visit Italy and embark on your next adventure.


Summer in Italy

June – August

Vibe – beach clubs, turquoise waters, fresh seafood, festivals, the sea
Italy is the quintessential European summer escape destination. From the romantic cliffside towns of the Amalfi Coast, world-renowned beaches in Sicily, to the charming seaside towns of Puglia. Though with that also comes the crowds. If you are planning on traveling to Italy during the summer months, I recommend centering your travels around cities or towns near the beach or waterfront. Travels to major cities like Florence, Rome, Venice and Milan are not ideal during the summer due to the overwhelming crowds and, at times, unbearable heat that makes sightseeing a lot more strenuous. Also know that in August, nearly all Italians take the month off for holiday, known as Ferragosto. During this time, most local shops, restaurants, and bars are shut down until the end of the month or early September.

Capri Italy

Autumn in Italy

September – November

Vibe – harvest season, wine tasting, food and wine festivals, fewer crowds
This is arguably the best time of year to visit Italy for a multitude of reasons. With still considerably warm weather, half the crowds, and seemingly a never-ending calendar of food and wine festivals, what’s not to enjoy. One of my favorite fall rituals is the Sagra dell’Uva (Festival of Grapes) to celebrate the wine harvest season. Naturally, autumn is an excellent time to venture to Tuscany not only for wine tasting but also to the experience the ideal aesthetic of the rolling hills in their glory of vibrant fall colors. Another great perk is that prices significantly drop compared to summer.

wine tasting in Tuscany

Winter in Italy

December – March

Vibe – skiing, Christmas markets, mountains, cozy, snow, adventure, nature
The Italian Alps and Dolomites are some of the best European destinations to hit the slopes. Book one of the charming, family-owned chalets scattered throughout the northern mountain ranges of Italy for a cozy and charming winter holiday. One of my favorite places to spend a weekend skiing is in Corvara, a small town in the Alta Badia region of the Dolomites. Skiing in Italy is also a favorite considering that you are guaranteed to eat well, even while on the mountain. Another gem of the winter season is the charming Christmas markets. Wander the streets and shop from a variety of stalls decorated with handmade crafts, fresh treats, and gifts.

Spring in Italy

April – May

Vibe – Holy Week, Easter, blooming gardens, food and wine festivals, seasonal eating
As the weather starts the take a turn for the better, flowers begin to bloom, and the ivy-covered buildings start to take life once again. Spring is a gorgeous time of year to explore Italy, especially considering the moderately warm weather and beautiful spring bloom. The summer crowds have not yet arrived, so lines to attractions and overall crowds are not yet at their high. Although, Holy Week and Easter are a completely different story. If you are traveling during this time, be prepared to be with the masses and encounter store and restaurant closures. Come late spring, food festivals are in full swing, which is always a great way to integrate into Italian life. Keep your eyes and ears open for posters announcing local food and wine festivals, or even better, ask a local for upcoming sagra (festival) dates.

when to travel to Italy

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