From planning your itinerary to sharing glamorous travel photos, there are a handful of apps that are a must download prior to setting off on your next adventure. The best part is that all of these apps are actually free. We are so lucky to live in an era in which smartphones exist, so why not stay up to date on the best travel apps that will make everything from booking the best flight deal to ordering espresso in Italian that much easier.

best travel apps


1. Skyscanner –

This is my go-to research tool when it comes to finding flight deals. This app compares all available fights and rates on a specific date while also allowing you to narrow your search based on the number of layovers, duration, time of day and airlines you prefer. Skyscanner also features a search option for hotels and car rentals, so it’s really a one-stop-shop for researching your flight, accommodation and transportation needs. That being said, I strictly use this as a research tool, and never book directly via the site.

2. Rome2Rio –

Stopping in more than one destination during your trip? Rome2Rio is the perfect solution for determining the most efficient available route from point A to point B. Plug in your to and from, and Rome2Rio will determine all available transfer options, whether that be a train, ferry, flight, bus or taxi, as well as each option’s duration and total cost.

3. Google Maps 

For in destination directions, Google Maps has yet to fail me. I use this for walking, driving and public transportation directions. I also love that you can save locations within the app, allowing you to find your way back to that spectacular restaurant or gorgeous boutique that you somehow stumbled upon. Also, if you’re traveling abroad, you can still use Google Maps offline. While connected to Wifi search for a destination, for example, Rome. Tap the white menu and select “DOWNLOAD.” Once downloaded, you will be able to use the navigation completely offline.

4. Airbnb –

One of my favorites ways to travel is by finding local and immersive experiences. Whether that means tours and experiences or local accommodations, Airbnb offers both. I have found that Airbnb Experience and Home hosts offer invaluable insight into the city’s best restaurants, sites, shopping, and more. Not only this, but most of the time, Airbnb accommodations can be far more economical than hotels, so it can also be a great way to save money. For $30 off your first booking sign up via

5. Word Reference –

Traveling to a destination where you don’t know the language? This is by far the most useful and accurate, multilingual dictionary that I’ve found. Not only does it provide translations for words, but also includes colloquial phrases and verb conjugations.

6. Lightroom –

This photo editing app will surely make your travel photos the envy of all your friends. I use this to edit all of my Instagram photos while on the road. You can play around with levels of exposure, lighting, tint, highlights and more to ensure you share all of the highlights from your trip.

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  1. Sharon Keist on April 25, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Another great app. Pixelmator photo. I think it is an iphone app.

  2. LD Oriole on May 17, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    We travel to Italy every year, this will be our 8th trip in a row. I would not use Airbnb every again…been skunked twice, that’s enough. I use VRBO and it has never failed us. It also, when you are searching, give you pretty much the exact location of the apartment rather than a general area. We find cash is king so bring euros with us and most will give you a 10% discount if cashed involved. Would also not totally rely in Google, particularly in Venice or Florence…have your maps with you and a compass. One of the websites I refer people to, because I like to help them plan their trip, is Europeforvisitors…seems to have very accurate information. Also like Trip Advisor and have used that for years, although not for booking.

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