Not only is Hanoi Vietnam’s capital city, but it’s also an epicenter rich in tradition and heritage. As you wander through one of the world’s most ancient capitals become immersed in the Hanoi’s longstanding history. The French and Chinese colonial influence is almost immediately apparent in the city’s architecture, cuisine, and history. Though, what’s also apparent is the Hanoians’ strong sense of resilience.

As a part of a Communist state, Hanoi has only seen efforts towards modernization since the 1990s. However, it’s the simultaneous development of modern society and Hanoi’s established traditions that make this city so fascinating. Hanoi is a destination that can be described as a sensory cacophony. Experience the incredible vibrancy of Hanoi as you avoid the waves of scooter traffic, dine at roadside noodle bars, and become inspired by the up and coming art scene.

Hanoi, Vietnam Travel Tips –

Tourist Visa – Some countries, including the USA, are required to obtain a visa prior to arriving in Vietnam. The easiest way to do so is online, for approximately a $25 fee, via the Vietnamese E-Visa website.

Bring Cash – Most major banks in Vietnam will exchange foreign currency without fees and for the daily exchange rate. Bring cash with you to exchange in destination and avoid ATM transaction fees.

Bring Bug Repellant – Vietnam is considered to be a country at risk for Dengue Fever, so apply bug repellent to minimize risk.


Where to Stay –

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, 15 Phố Ngô Quyền, Tràng Tiền – Step back into an oasis of French opulence in Hanoi’s most luxurious hotel. Perfectly situated in the French Quarter, and a short walk to Hoàn Kiếm Lake and the Old Quarter, it’s easy to explore all that Hanoi has to offer.

Where to Eat & Drink –

Bun Cha Huong Lien, 24 Lê Văn Hưu, Phan Chu Trinh – The famous local eatery where President Obama and Anthony Bourdain dined on a delicious bowl of spicy pork meatball soup, also known as Bun Cha.

Orchid, 25 Hàng Bạc – Sit down dining that offers an incredible variety of traditional Vietnamese options.

Cafe Giang, 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân – Indulge in a Vietnamese coffee classic, egg coffee, at one of the city’s best cafes.

Angelina, 56 Phố Lý Thái Tổ – Inside the Metropole is an incredibly chic bar and restaurant if you are looking for a more elevated dining experience. The Waygu beef is highly recommended and literally falls apart with the lightest touch of your fork.

Pho 10, 10 Ly Quoc Su – For the most incredible pho, Hanoi has to offer, this spot definitely worth eating at.

Bahn Mi 25, 5 Hàng Cá- A local eatery serving up fresh baguettes that make for amazing Bahn Mi, a traditional Vietnamese sandwich.

Apron Up, 66 Bát Sứ – A great lunch spot with a range of traditional rice and noodle dishes. They also have a cooking class for those looking to take a deeper dive into Vietnamese culinary traditions.

Bamboo Bar, 15 Phố Ngô Quyền – Head over to the Metropole’s luxurious rooftop bar for sunset and to watch the flow of Hanoi’s notorious traffic around the Opera from above.

1900 Le Theatre, 8B Tạ Hiện – Beyond the typical bar scene is 1900’s vivacious nightlife scene, featuring international DJ sets and club-like atmosphere.

Tạ Hiện Street – Looking to embark on a night out, this street is full of packed bars and all walks of nightlife ranging from locals to expats.

What to Do –

Hanoi Train Street – A crowded residential street in the middle of Hanoi’s Old Quarter that has a train that rushes through twice daily.

Ngoc Son Temple & Ho Kiem Lake, Đinh Tiên Hoàng – A short walk across the red painted bridge will get you to Ngoc Son Temple. Set in the middle of Ho Kiem Lake, take the time to escape the busy streets of the city and absorb the tranquility and beauty of this spiritual site.

Hỏa Lò Prison, 1 phố Hoả Lò – Nicknamed Hanoi Hilton, was once the French run prison during their colonial reign. Then repurposed by the Vietnamese and used to hold prisoners of war during the Vietnam War.

Explore the Old & French Quarter – Busy markets, roadside street vendors and endless opportunities to shop, barter, and sightsee.

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