As wanderlust sets in, and I decide where my travels will take me next, these are the travel resources that you can find bookmarked on my computer. When it comes to travel planning, it’s always good to have a diverse set of resources to refer to throughout the process. If I’ve learned one important thing from years of traveling, it’s that no one resource has all the answers. That being said, you should also allow yourself enough time in your itinerary to explore, and discover your own favorite places. During the travel planning process, as I’ve outlined in 5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Next Trip, these are the resources you can find open on my browser.

travel planning resources



As far as airfare goes, I begin by checking a few online resources to gauge price points and find the best deals. Although, I never actually book through any of these third-party sites. I solely use them as a research tool. Booking direct is the best advice I can give you because if for some reason your flight is canceled, or your ticket is not valid, the airline is not obliged to assist you since you did not purchase the ticket through them.

This is my first point of reference when researching flight prices. You can easily play around with flight dates and see how they change on a day-to-day basis on their pricing calendar. Not only that, but you can opt-in for flight deal email alerts.

The Points Guy

For those of you wanting to utilize your miles and points in the most effective way. Or are curious about how to accrue miles and points through travel. The Points Guy is one of the best online references.

travel planning resources


The first stop to finding where to stay is to decide whether you want a hotel experience or not. If the answer is no, then head straight to Airbnb. If the answer is yes, there are a few resources that I take advantage of to find the best options and rates. Though, keep in mind, that a lot of hotels offer better rates if booked directly, so always check on the hotels site after doing your research on third party sites.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

For those of you looking for a more luxury and boutique travel experience, the curated hotel lists on this site are absolutely amazing and provide a reasonable price range in term of luxury travel.

Whether you’re traveling budget, luxury, or somewhere in between, has great filter options to really hone in on what is the best accommodation available to you in any particular destination. Another great perk is that a lot of the hotels offer a pay upon arrival option. For $25 off your first booking, click here.


To discover the more local side of travel, or the opportunity to stay in a truly unique accommodation, Airbnb has so many incredible listing. I’ve had the chance of staying in a windmill, sailboat, and houseboat, all through Airbnb. And for $29 off your first trip, sign up here.

travel planning resources


After booking your flights and accommodations, your next move should be to determine your in destination transportation methods. Whether it’s simply getting to and from the airport, or you’re embarking on a week long road trip, these are some great resources for research, directions and booking options.


Curious about how to get from point A to point B, Rome2Rio is the perfect resource for determining if you need trains, plane, automobiles, or even ferries to get where you need to go. I especially love using this to determine which train routes I need to use within Europe, or if flying is a faster and cheaper option.


This is a great site if you are planning on booking multiple train tickets while traveling within Europe. For money, saving passes, check out their Rail Pass offers.

This site is not only for flights but also my favorite for comparing rental car rates. But again, I only use this as a research tool, and then always make sure to book directly with the rental car company to avoid any frustrations or hidden fees later on.

Google Maps

If you are in a city and need to rely on walking or public transportation direction, Google Maps is my favorite options. Prior to arrival, and while connected to fast wifi, download your destination’s map on Google Maps. It will allow you to utilize the city’s map and direction even while offline.


Whether your hotel doesn’t offer a pickup service, you can’t be bothered with public transportation, Uber has a ridiculous wait time, or you don’t have local currency to deal with taxis, Mozio is a great site option for booking transportation and car services prior to arrival.

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