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immerse into local life & culture in rome, italy

Join Lexi, founder of The Destination Designer, for immersive, culinary and social tours in Rome, Italy. Passionate about sharing local experiences, food, drinks, and traditions, Lexi hopes to give you a taste of the Roman lifestyle as we explore the Eternal City.

The Art of Aperitivo with In-List Rooftop Bar Sunset

Embark on an evening in Rome as we discover the best local spots to enjoy the Italian pre-dinner ritual of aperitivo. As we sip on aperitifs and savor stuzzichini (Italian snacks), I'll share stories about Rome's local neighborhoods.

We'll visit 2 spots for aperitivo, as well as an in-list rooftop bar. Escape the tourist traps of Rome to join me for an evening exploring charming neighborhoods, chatting with locals, and wandering Rome's historic streets. All the while, stopping for sips and bites along the way.

Cap off the evening at one of the Eternal City's most exclusive rooftop bars to enjoy the sunset, panoramic city views, all in great company.
aperitivo tour in Rome

Local Market Tour & Rooftop Wine Tasting

Begin in the center of Rome to gain insight into local cuisines and seasonal flavors. At each stop, taste and learn from local vendors about the traditions and history of their shops and delicacies.

The first stop will be Rome's central farmers market. Here, uncover the seasonal specialties, while sampling the fresh produce and learning the history of the square and its' shop owners.

Next, follow the aroma of freshly baked bread to one of Rome's most incredible bakeries. Indulge in Roman favorites like piazza bianca and focaccia.

Finally, enjoy a scenic walk down Rome's cobblestone backstreets to an in-list rooftop bar. As we take in the epic, 360-degree views of the Eternal City, indulge in a tasting of local meats, cheeses, and wines.