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Wine tasting in Tuscany. Island hopping in Greece. Après-ski in the Swiss Alps. You are ready to explore your dream destination, but lack of local insight and time-consuming planning is limiting you from experiencing the vacation of your dreams.

The Destination Designer is here to help, so that you can...

Save Precious Time

Not only do you not have the time to sift through online travel reviews and guides, but feel unsure of what travel advice is authentic and beneficial.

Access Exclusive Rates

Gain access to preferred rates and exclusive travel partners otherwise inaccessible if you were to plan your own travel experience.

Uncover Hidden Gems

You are craving authentic, off-the-beaten-path travel. Destination scouting ensures you uncover hidden gems and local secrets for a truly authentic experience.

Receive Premium Service

You will never be on your own... unless that's what you want! You will gain access to travel designer assistance prior to and throughout your travels.

custom travel planning can include

Flight Reservations
Transportation Routes
Train Tickets
Dining Reservations
Tours & Experiences

Travel Point Maximization
Hotels & Accommodations
Villa Rentals
Private Drivers
Rental Cars

Destination & Cultural Information
Insider Information & Knowledge
Honeymoon & Special Occassions
Custom Group Trips

italy honeymoon travel planner

Paris, Lyon, Venice, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Palermo

"We were able to relax and enjoy our honeymoon knowing that everything was planned for us."

We only had 2 weeks to travel and 6 cities in France and Italy we wanted to visit. Lexi saved us a ton of time on research, recommending the best areas to stay in each city, and how to get around in Europe (which can be very different depending on where you’re going). Lexi was very always there if we had any issues, providing support and answering all of our questions, even while we were in Europe. We’d never used a travel service before, but we felt very confident about everything that had been planned for us.

—Ksenia Shpak, Los Angeles

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Explore Our Most Popular Destinations

La Fontellina Beach Club, Capri, Italy

Mediterranean Bliss

The Destination Designer specializes in Mediterranean travel, including sought-after destinations like the Amalfi Coast, Greek Isles, French Riviera, and Malta.

Paris, France travel planner

European Cities

If you are looking for a vibrant, European experience, dive into Paris', art scene, discover Rome's ancient history, or enjoy city life in London.

luxury villa Tuscany, Italy

Countryside Retreats

If you are looking for an escape from city life, immerse yourself in the art of slow travel in the Tuscan countryside, the Alps' après-ski scene, or the sanctuary of a Spanish wine resort, .

Marrakech, Morocco travel planning

Exotic Escapes

Connect with the energy and vitality of unique, global destinations, including Bali and Morocco.

greece honeymoon travel planner

Greek Isles (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros & Milos)

" At first I was very anxious with so many options to choose from, but Lexi was a true lifesaver."

Lexi helped my husband and I plan our trip to Greece in the fall. This is a trip my husband and I have been talking about taking for two years and finally decided to go for it. We knew we wanted to go to a few of the different islands but didn't know the best time of year to go, where to stay or eat, or what to do for activities. Lexi essentially held our hand through the planning process. Lexi really listened to our wants and needs and made sure she understood exactly where and what it was we wanted to see and accomplish on our trip. After I told Lexi a brief overview of what we were thinking for our trip, within an hour, she emailed me with an incredibly thorough list of different islands (and pros and cons!) hotels, restaurants, activities, beaches, and shopping!

—Mary Colleen Underwood, Newport Beach

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Amalfi Coast Travel Planner

Rome & Positano

"Everything was perfect! We never had to figure out what we were doing that day."

Lexi just planned a trip to Italy for me and three other girlfriends. Everything was planned ahead of time. Every restaurant was amazing, never a bad meal. Some highlights were a rooftop cooking class in Rome, a visit to a family winery on our way to the Amalfi Coast, a private boating outing, and much more. After having our entire trip planned out for us, and having everything be so perfect, I would love for Lexi to plan all my trips going forward.

—Julie Purchase, Seattle