Amsterdam group trip

City on the Canals, the Tulip Festival & Gastronomy

Launching 4-Nights, 5-Days in Amsterdam

Experience Amsterdam's tulip festival and life on the canals for a perfect balance of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and architectural wonder. Join us for specialized guided museum visits, a private aperitif canal cruise, unique culinary and cultural experiences and excursions, the best in local dining, and a 5-star hotel stay, all while creating lifelong memories in good company.

Day One:

Private transfer from your arrival point and transfer to the hotel for check-in.

Meet your hosts and co-travelers at an evening cocktail hour with a Dutch floral demonstration, followed by a light dinner.

Day Two:

AM: Private tour of the Rijksmuseum led by an art historian.

Lunch at a local cafe.

PM: Choice of the Heineken Experience or Anne Frank House

Private canal aperitif cruise in a vintage boat to be followed by a typical Dutch dinner.

Day Three:

Private full-day outing in a luxury sprinter to the famed Keukenhof Tulip Gardens with a host guided visit to the tulip fields, followed by a visit to a charming seaside town and an exceptional culinary lunch experience.

Dinner in the heart of Amsterdam.

Day Four:

AM: Private tour of the Van Gogh Museum led by an art historian.

PM: Choice of Heineken Experience or Anne Frank House

Private artisan Dutch cheese tasting with wine pairing experience.

Farewell dinner led by your hosts.

Day Five:

Private transfer from the hotel to your departure point in Amsterdam.

amsterdam luxury group trip
Amsterdam tulip festival group trip

What is Included?

  • Daily hotel breakfast (Days Two - Five)
  • Prix fixe Dinner (Days One - Four)
  • Prix fixe Lunch (Days Two and Three)
  • 5-star hotel stay at Hotel De L'Europe for 4 nights
  • Private roundtrip transfers from arrival and departure point in Amsterdam to and from the hotel
  • Cocktail hour inclusive of beer, wine & signature cocktail with Dutch floral demonstration
  • Rijksmuseum visit, private art historian guide, and admission
  • Host led Heineken Experience with admission (Day Two or Four)
  • Tour of Anne Frank House with admission (Day Two or Four)
  • Private canal aperitif cruise with canapes, beer, and wine
  • Private full-day excursion in luxury sprinter with private driver and guide to Keukenhof Tulip Garden with tulip festival field visit and Dutch seaside village for lunch
  • Van Gogh Museum visits, private art historian guide, and admission
  • Private cheese tasting and wine pairing
  • One-time assistance with airfare planning and/or point maximization *cost of airfare not included

What is Not Included?

  • Airfare or other transportation arrangements
  • Client requested room upgrades, subject to availability
  • Hotel incidentals, room charges, minibar, room service
  • Transportation, dining, and experience expenses, not listed in the itinerary
  • Mandatory travel insurance
  • Gratuities at your discretion

*Minimum group size must be met before travels are confirmed. The minimum group size is 8. If 8 guests are not reached, this tour will be refunded, with the option to reschedule.

*Itinerary inclusions based on availability and schedules may vary accordingly.

Amsterdam tulip festival group trip
amsterdam group travel

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Is there a Minimum Age requirement for Custom Group Travel?

Yes, currently our Custom Group Travel is limited to those clients 21 years of age or more. For travel with young adults or children, please contact The Destination Designer for custom travel planning.

What is the group size?

Custom Group Travel is a small group, curated experience. To ensure this, group sizes start at eight and are limited to twelve travelers.

Minimum group size must be met before travels are confirmed. The minimum group size is eight. If eight guests are not reached, the tour will be refunded, with the option to reschedule.

Do I have to put a Deposit Down?

Deposits required pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Custom Group Tour are required at the time of booking.

When is my Final Payment Due?

Final payment is due to The Destination Designer 45 (forty-five) days prior to the trip departure. Failure to complete full payment at the designated time will result in booking cancellation without notice, will be considered a client cancellation, and cancellation fees will apply.

What Travel Documents are Needed?

If you are a United States citizen and traveling internationally, a US passport is needed. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the completion of your trip to ensure entry into your destination country.

Check destination specific visa requirements at the time of booking.

If you are not a United States citizen and traveling internationally, check with your consulate or embassy as well as the destination country’s consulate or embassy to determine necessary travel documents.

If traveling internationally with children under the age of 21 without both parents or as a legal guardian, check with your travel advisor regarding necessary documentation to comply with international travel regulations. 

Prior to departure, make at least two photocopies of your passport and other necessary travel documents and leave one copy at home. Additionally, make a digital copy of said documents and store them in your smartphone or tablet.

Please Note: The Destination Designer is not liable or responsible for any disruption of travel due to inaccurate, false, incomplete, or improper travel documentation needed throughout your journey.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Yes, for Custom Group Travel, travel insurance is required and proof of said coverage is required as per the terms and conditions of your contract with The Destination Designer.

Will you Assist me In Making Airline Bookings?

Yes, we understand the task of booking airfare can be overwhelming whether paying in cash or redeeming miles and we are happy to assist you with airfare searches, airfare bookings, and showing you how to maximize your points for mileage tickets. This is all included in the cost of your Custom Group Travel.

Can I Upgrade my Accommodations?

Yes, subject to availability and at the sole cost of the client. Please contact The Destination Designer to submit your request prior to your travel departure date.

Will I be able to Check-In Early or Check-Out Late?

We will do our best to accommodate early check-in and late check-out requests, however such requests are not guaranteed, subject to availability, and at the sole discretion of the hotel.

What if I want to Use the Mini-Bar or Room Service?

Please feel free, however all incidentals, meals, drinks, or any other services outside of the scope of included items enumerated in the custom itinerary are at the sole cost of the client. 

Please note, upon check-in at your designated hotel, each client will be required to provide their own credit card to the hotel for any additional charges/incidentals/damage incurred. Failure to do so may result in a violation of the terms and conditions of your reservation for your accommodations and the terms and conditions of your Custom Group Travel contract resulting in cancellation of said contract with all applicable penalties the sole responsibility of the client.

What are the Opt-In Activities?

We are excited to offer additional opt-in activities that we will happily arrange for you during your Custom Group Trip. This allows you the flexibility to choose exactly what you want to do during your free time.

Please note that the cost of the opt-in activities are a separate and an additional cost and are subject to availability. Availability is on a first come, first service basis. Please reach out to your Travel Designer for additional information regarding the opt-in activities.

Do you offer Dinner Reservation Services on my “Free Nights”?

Yes, we are happy to make additional dinner reservations for you during the duration of your Custom Group Tour. Please note that deadlines apply to dinner reservations requests, so please check the terms of your agreement/contract.

Do I have any Luggage Restrictions?

Please check the specifics of your Custom Group Itinerary to determine if there are any luggage restrictions while traveling with the group.

Prior to travel it is the client’s responsibility to check and comply with airline luggage restrictions and/or regulations. The Destination Designer is not liable for any travel disruption or delay due to the client’s failure to comply.

Can you Accommodate Special Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, we will do our best to accommodate any special requests or dietary restrictions of our clients but please note that as a result meal choices may be limited.

What if I have Mobility Issues or a Medical Condition?

The Destination Designer wants you to enjoy the experience of their Custom Group Tours. In order to do so, you should be in good health and must be able to walk a reasonable distance on different surfaces. Much of the tour is accessible solely on foot and often pathways and roads are narrow and uneven. Additionally, traveling up and down steep steps is often required.

We are sorry to inform you that at this time, our Custom Group Tours are unable to accommodate wheelchairs, motorized scooters, or provide walking or other individual assistance to those with specialized needs. Travelers who require such assistance are free to bring a companion to provide assistance at the sole cost of the traveler.

If you have a medical condition that may impact your ability to travel or participate in activities while traveling, please contact your physician for medical advice and medical clearance to travel and notify The Destination Designer as soon as possible. 

When traveling please ensure that you have packed in your hand luggage enough required medication and/or prescriptions for the duration of your tour and extra in case of trip delays.

If you suffer from any allergies, please notify The Destination Designer at the time of booking.

Prior to booking your tour, carefully review the travel itinerary and should you have any questions, please contact your Custom Travel Planner.

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